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Water damage & rising damp

Water damage can be a tricky job to take care of. The area has be tested for moisture before work starts, to ensure surfaces and structure are dry. Otherwise, the damage may re-occur and paint would bubble, peel, develop yellowish stains or grow mould.

Ol’Painting always runs a moisture meter test prior to doing repairs on any water damaged or raising damp areas. If a high moisture level is still found, we will provide photo evidence that you can show to your traders, builder, or strata manager. Often, we are the one who finds and proves that the water leak was not fixed properly (and often it takes two to three rounds to get it fixed well).

  • painter water damage moisture test
  • painter water damage moisture test

Please note –as a painter we are not qualified to assess other trader’s work. We can only do a moisture test. But if it’s been, say, two months since the water leak was repaired and the moisture level in the structure got worse or did not change, it is logical to assume that the leak was not rectified properly, even if there are no visible signs yet.

Many property managers find our services very reliable and even ask us to run a moisture test to make sure other traders fixed the issues properly. Many home owners have thanked us for identifying water leaks and raising damp that was not fixed fully the first, second, or even the third time. This in turn saves your money and time in dealing with traders on numerous occasions, and protects your home from the damage water leak can cause.

  • painter water damage
  • painter water damage


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